Friday, July 15, 2011

Why I Love Shopping at Nordstrom

After couple hours of shopping, my feet are tired, and the babe is hungry. Where do I go to solve the  fatigue and the hunger problem? Nordstrom!  

You see this here? 

This is the Nordstrom's Women Lounge. This is where I nurse my baby when I am shopping in the mall. The women's lounge gives you some privacy, and the peace and quiet you need for nursing.

Look at those comfy couches! Usually you will be in there alone, but once in a blue moon another nursing mother would be doing the same thing as you.

I am glad that I don't have to sit in the middle of the mall, and whip out my "nursing gears". I don't mind if people see me, but I don't like to offend people who might find nursing distasteful.

While I was nursing my starving baby in the Nordstrom Women's Lounge today, another mom with 2 of her kids came in. We were both nursing, and we started talking about how we would never shop in a mall without a Nordstrom.

I prefer to shop in malls with a Nordstrom. Because I know that if my baby has to be changed, I have a nice, safe, clean place to change my baby.  There is a sink right next to the changing station for you to wash your hands afterward.

It was nice to shop at Nordstrom before I had a baby, everything is well marketed, even the sales associates. Products are well displayed, and the lighting makes the products even more appealing. The sparkly shoes that you have to have look even more heavenly under those magical lights.You know you are getting good quality stuff if you shop at Nordstrom. The return policy is unbeatable. You can return anything, even if you have already taken the tags off, worn them, or even putting them through a wash.

Well done Nordstrom's !

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