Friday, July 15, 2011

Unity in Marketing - Victoria's Secret

If the product marketing is based around looking sexy, shouldn't they hire sales associates look the part to have unity in marketing?

If Victoria's Secret is marketing their products by using their beautiful sexy angels models like the ones on the left, I assume that they are trying to tell the consumer that ...

" If you buy VS products:

- you can look like this too!
- you will feel better about yourself
- you will look sexy
- you can have ______ (fill in the blank)

I get the sex appeal, telling women that they can look like the models in their ads. Looking at their sales, what they are doing in their ad campaigns is definitely working in their favor.

From the sexy models, sexy bras with pink tags, pink shopping bags, pink gift wrapping paper and boxes, pink stores, little pink details on all of their lingerie products to everything else they sell, you can see a unity in the marketing of the Victoria's Secret empire. Everything speaks "sexy".

 It is working! It makes me want to go in the store. Because I do want to look skinny and sexy in those lacy under underwear, and have my breast looked plumped up and fighting the natural gravity. We all know in reality no one looks that perfect. Thanks to the invention of PhotoShop and airbrushing. But we don't care if the image is not real, we still like the illusion that VS ads shows us. We refuse to admit to ourselves that no one has perfect smooth skin like that. CLICK HERE to see an example from Dove

I walked into a Victoria Secret in an outdoor shopping mall. The first thing I noticed is that the lighting wasn't as enchanting as the bigger VS stores I usually go to. It looks like a Macy's that hasn't been updated since 1984, it looked old. Second, one of the sales associate hollered across the store " we have 75% off on all Love Spell sprays".

Instantly, I felt the store was cheapened. I am not sure why I felt that way, maybe it is because I was not expecting a VS sales associate holler across the entire store to tell me about their sale. Don't they usually walk up to you and tell you in a normal voice?
The normal enchanting VS store that lures you in

The store is there to sell products, and creating a good feeling experience to the consumers. If the product marketing is based around looking sexy, shouldn't they hire sales associate look the part to have unity in marketing? This particular VS sales associate is on the heavier built (ok, she's what most people would consider overweight), and part of her lower back was showing from a size too small shirt. Not professional, not pink, not sexy at all.

I walked into the VS store hoping that I might feel more sexy (even if its temporary) when I walk out with my pink VS shopping bag. That was not my experience today.

Maybe I am insane, but I imagine the VS angels sexy and graceful. I doubt they holler.

This VS store manager really need to do something about the lighting in the store. Don't they have some sort of guideline they have to follow? Lighting is so important in stores, it sets the mystique mood, and creates illusion of a halo glow of the product. Making it so temping, that the consumers have to have it.

Com'on VS! You spent so much money on the models and the stores, hire the right people that look the part. Make your marketing a successful sexy circle!

At the end, VS is just all cheap junk that are sold for more than it's worth. We still buy them anyway.

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