Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Whole Food's Store

Today is the first time that I ever shopped at the Whole Food's store. I do have to say that I am very impressed with the items they carry. When my baby girl saw the cute little cookies in the bulk bins, she immediately pointed to it, and wanted one. So I grabbed one on a wax paper, and proceed to pay for it in the register. Marcus at the Whole Food's register saw the one cookie,  waved his hand and said " don't worry about it. It'll probably come up to like 9 cent or something."

He didn't have to do that, but it totally made my day. It made Sophie's day at the Whole Food's store, and it definitely helped my shopping trip to be more pleasant. The little things nice people do, they have no idea the impact they have on others. This Marcus makes me want to go back and shop at Whole Food's again! I hope I get him again at the register, so I can thank him.

I did bought a pound of mussels, they looked fabulous and fresh. I can't wait to try them tonight.

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